Six years and counting

Yesterday was Philip and I’s sixth anniversary. Being it was a Sunday we had actually celebrated the night before by going out to eat sushi. Annie has only ventured into the sushi realm once and it was not with great success so Jenny and Dustin kept her and proceeded to make her a playhouse out of a car seat box that now resides in my entryway. If you are picking up a tinge of bitterness you would be correct and this is only because Annie loves it more than the Fisher Price marketplace I spent too much money on a year and a half ago because it was something I would’ve loved as a child (albeit a child of 7 or 8, not 2 which she was at the time so maybe there’s hope).  I will admit the house is pretty cool with a door, window, and mailbox that actually function as designed, an overhead light, and details that include a ceiling fan, outdoor landscaping, and a family portrait on the wall.

Anyway, for the actual anniversary I decided to make us breakfast in bed.  This was at first going to be a covert operation but then Annie was tired and a bit fussy while taking her bath the night before so I clued her in letting her know that it was a surprise and secret for her daddy.  The excitement as Doc Holliday would say was more than she could bear.  She ran into the living room and jumped up on Philip ready to spill the beans. I  foiled her plans though by coming and saying “Annie remember it’s a secret.”  Which was a horrible move because then Philip, who obviously does not enjoy surprises, kept asking her what the secret was and after 15 seconds and my disappearance to the kitchen I heard her shout to him “We’re making brefast in bed.” (No, that is not a misspelling, at this point in life she pronounces it bre-fest because the –ak sound is not one she has mastered.)  I was not disheartened by the surprise being taken away though because this meant I could go ahead and get some of the preparation done before bed, and this was helpful because if I have a tendency to over-pre-prepare and the extra time allowed me to do so once again. Annie also made preparations and had her play tea set all ready at the end of the bed for full service the next morning.

So bright and early the next morning I made breakfast for 3 and woke Annie up to help deliver the not so surprising breakfast.  We went in the bedroom with me in pj shorts and a t-shirt trying my hardest not to spill hot coffee and her in her full-length Cinderella puffed sleeved night gown with her hair ratted up (courtesy of a night of sleep) because this of course was a formal occasion.  She dramatically fell on the floor from either excitement or embarrassment of the fanciness of the affair while I woke Philip up.  She then pretended that she too had been sleeping and this was a wonderful treat for us all.  I have to say it added to the effect and fun of the whole deal because she was terribly excited and kept saying “Happy Anniversary!” and “Thank you for my brefast in bed.” As we were finishing up she said, “Oh! Don’t forget about my brefast and tea.” Which meant Philip and I had to enjoy imaginary tea and hard plastic cookies.

The rest of the day went like Sundays do with church, a nice nap, time together as a family, and then the sudden realization that we have to get things together for the week ahead and ohmystarshowisitalreadyteno’clockandAnnieisstillup?  It was a fun day and hard to believe that six years have already gone by.  Philip and I had many plans and goals prior to getting married and others have been created as we’ve gone along.  God has blessed us beyond measure and now some of those plans are actually winding up.  Philip has begun taking his CPA exams, will start his job in August, I should be finished with my post-masters at the end of July and get my licensure and start a new job in the fall, and we have our sweet Annie.  Now it is time to start to work on the new goals so be prepared my friends as we do the same thing we do every night – try to take over the world!  All kidding and schemes for world domination aside, I’m so fortunate to have spent the last six years with Philip and look forward to many more.

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