Cold play

We've had some snow this week.

I had Monday off and so Denver and I took Annie to school while the fluffy flakes drifted down all around us.

We then headed back to house where Denver did some re-decorating and I caught up on a few things.

The snow continued to fall all morning and since Denver and I were enjoying the break in routine

we decided to go pick up Annie from school and have her join us.

Snow is always fun for the kids, especially since where we live it comes and goes almost as quickly as it appeared. This guy loved it until the cold started to burn his fingers.

Mittens easily cured any issues Denver had with the snow even if those are in fact sister's hand-me-down Hello Kitty mittens but again, we don't get a lot of snow here and buying baby mittens never crossed my mind.

After I lost feeling from the knees down (apparently my children are part Eskimo as they did not appear to be affected by the frigid temps AT ALL) we headed inside for lunch and then while Denver napped Annie play-doh-ed.

Philip left OKC early and worked from home that afternoon/evening which allowed Denver to do a little auditing of his own when he woke up...

And then we headed back outside and romped around because the snow was not long for this earth.

I'd generally take a beach any day over a snow-capped mountain.  However, as we close in on the homestretch of winter 2015, I am so thankful for a random weekday of playing in the cold and warm snuggles with my two favorite little people.



Every year brings new experiences, challenges, wisdom, and an abundance of joy so I am grateful for each one I've been gifted.

Here's to 35....

looking forward to the happiness and journey through the next year.


A whole lotta love

This past weekend was Valentine's and this is how we celebrated the day centered around love.

We started out Friday by going to Annie's class party.  I use the term "party" extremely loosely because sitting at tables eating pretzels and cookies and then doing a "learning" craft doesn't seem too much different than any other day in Pre-K (minus all the parents observing) but the kiddos enjoy it and any break in the routine is great fun and cause for celebration.

Case and point - Taylor and Annie are partying hard here.

This guy spent his time checking everything out, literally.

Annie was less than impressed with the learning craft part of the party due to the fact that she was in a rush to go through her Valentine's bag of cute sentiments from friends.

When we'd had all the party we could handle we left.  As we went out the main doors of the school though the pull of the large fake caterpillar was strong so the kids hopped on.

After leaving school we headed to the library for Annie to get her prizes for completing the winter reading program.  The grand prize was a train whistle, which she was thrilled to get after putting in all her time reading/being read to but was reminded by the librarian that you don't blow whistles in the library.  Needless to say we didn't stay long because assuring the whistle worked became high priority on our list of things to do.

This was a good excuse any way because it was a beautiful day outside and as soon as we got home the littles headed out the backdoor and we all spent the majority of the afternoon/early evening outside.

Look at this adorable moment - I get to enjoy this scene frequently as Annie is nearly always happy to help Denver in and out of his swing and push him.


It's not all smiles and swinging in the sunshine though when you are a tough little boy.  After only 10 minutes of playtime Denver had already acquired a bloody nose and busted lip.  All with me standing thisclose, I'm sad to report.

As you can see, it didn't seem to bother him.

Philip got home early in the evening and playing cupid brought some yummy treats to celebrate February 14th.


He speaks our love language.

Valentine's morning we had breakfast in bed because as can be noted from previous blog posts, breakfast in bed is how Annie thinks we should celebrate any occasion.

After breakfast we checked out our Valentines.


Denver was still a little drowsy

But after figuring out there was a Valentine with his name on it he perked up.

Cupid's arrow was right on target if he was aiming for lovely weather on Valentine's day.  It was perfect. The kids were able to spend most of the day outside. So much that Annie ended up with pink cheeks from too much sun.

When Denver went down for his nap Annie and I had a tea party/picnic while Philip went for a run.

Later that afternoon we did what apparently everyone in Payne County was doing by going to the park.

We made it home just as the cold front blew in and enjoyed dinner and sweet treats together.

Valentine's Day according to Annie is, "a day we tell people how much we love them" and while I agree it is mostly a marketing ploy to sell cards and flowers, there is also a whole lot of love in my life and I enjoy having a day that celebrates it.


Dancing with Daddy

This precious event is something Annie started looking forward to as soon as she heard about it because in her words it is "Jazzy!" and she enjoyed it so much last Valentine's.

I let her choose her dress this year and quickly learned while she was shopping online that filters are very necessary for little girls with fancy taste as her first choice was a $250 Nicole Miller design. She was equally pleased with her second pick though and I didn't have to sell a kidney to purchase it so we went with it.

They got to the dance and lo and behold her little pal Taylor was there.

I asked her if she danced with Taylor and she said, "a little, but I was there to dance with Daddy." She then proceeded to show me some of her dance moves that were a combo of gymnastics, polka, cheerleading and of course freestyle.  Let me just say that after three years of ballet while the technique may not be there the confidence certainly is. 

These two have something special.

Annie loves her mama but adores her dad.  He can do no wrong in her eyes and she loves any special time they get together.

That being said it's hard to tell who's more proud of the other.


Denver's first trim

The sweet baby curls had gotten a little wild and crazy so he was due.

Being a victim of birth order and the second child his first haircut was a home job. Annie's of course was done in a salon by mine and Philip's hairdresser and was a momentous occasion, but as you can see she wasn't nearly as impressed.

I always thought it was neat when I was growing up and the little guys I was in school with got their hair cut by their moms so I thought it'd be kinda fun for it to be done this way.  Philip wasn't so sure about that but it was just a baby trim so we went with it.

Now I should clarify, while the idea of a mom doing a home haircut was always sweet, I was by no means going to make my first attempt on my one and only son's first chop job.  Enter lovely friend and babysitter Sara who did a great job.  Hats off to her for also having cooking utensils available to keep him occupied to limit (although not completely cease) the constant motion he is always in while she made him quite dapper.

The results:

This was the only picture I could get because as previously stated CONSTANT MOTION but clearly Oh-So-Handsome.


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