Denver's first day

Denver started a pre-school program this week.
As you can see he wasn't overly enthusiastic to venture into the world of education, but after a healthy dose of sugar for breakfast he changed his tune a bit.
He's going 2 mornings a week to a Mother's Day out program here in town which is a first since he's always stayed with our sweet friend Sara in her home.

He's got his best buddy Mosi in class with him though so he's doing well
And on day 2 he walked in with his little friends like he'd been doing it for years.


First grade

Things are getting real around here now - we have a first grader. A full curriculum, expectations to be met, start taking tests, no rest or snack time, walked-in-to-school-on-her-own-on-the-first-day school kid.

Milestones are hard on Mom, y'all.


Summer Daze

No that's not a misspelling...having been on maternity leave & having a newborn has made the days of this summer kinda blend together (much like this post) into one big mosaic of fun.
(Dressed for the Little Britches rodeo).
While I have thoroughly enjoyed this special time being at home I will admit it has been challenging learning how to manage & keep three kids realitively content day in & out.
I've also had to keep up with some patient needs while being off & with a newborn that hasn't been the easiest task.
But luckily I've had this girl around to help me out
Seriously if I hadn't had Annie around to hold, calm, & in general watch over Lily throughout the day our house would've fallen down around our ears, we'd have never eaten or had clean clothes.
She's been a lifesaver, and has never once complained.
This guy on the other hand...
well, he tries.
We've had lots of day trips with Jenny & her girls
Which means we've taken a mini van with a 6 year-old, 4 year-old, 2 year-old, & 2 infants out & about.
Sometimes it didn't seem like the best idea but in retrospect we've got some funny memories.
We've splash padded, we've parked
Gone to movies & out to lunch
We celebrated Independence Day with family, friends, & fireworks
We also participated in the church's Kingdom Kids program & the kids really enjoyed those activities weekly
Cousin Seanna got married so we went & celebrated that fun event with family.  The kids had a blast & danced the night away.
(Late night means pull out the baby carrier & let Lily sleep).
Nana came up every week when I started working part-time to ease back into things & we were all so very thankful to have her around to help.  Lily spent many hours napping in her arms.
We've summer-ed hard this year - we swam a lot at Nenny's house, ate Popsicles, ice cream, & snow cones (as much as I would allow)
Visited Frontier City with cousins & took on all the amusements height & safety standards would allow
(this girl snoozed in her carrier most of the time or slept while Nana held her)
Annie even rode her first roller coaster with a loop & loved it.
There have been days that old Halloween costumes & pjs were worn all day
The kiddos have played to the point of exhaustion 
But refreshed themselves with a nap & started it all again.
It was like pulling teeth to get Annie's school summer packet done
(She actually lost 2 teeth this summer, one the day Lily was born & another mid-August)
But she persevered 
and finally finished
Looking back on the last couple of months makes me realize what a gift these gems are & how precious the time I have with them is.
Sure we've been cranky & fussed at each other some but overall we've had a great time together & we're all sad to see summer break come to a close.
So long summer - we are forever grateful for the joy you gave us.



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