Denver loves his cowboy boots. They give him a little more height and quite a bit of swagger and he thoroughly enjoys clomping around in them.

In his nearly 2 years of life he has had 3 pairs & each pair has been well worth every penny.

As of late there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't get some boot-wearing in.

In fact he even goes as far as to take off whatever other shoes he's been put in and go find his boots.
So for now this cute cowboy's morning routine goes like this: 1. Wake up. 2. find boots. 3. Put boots on. 4. Ready to take on the day.


Snapshots of summer

Okay so I did a poor job of keeping up with our summer so here are some snapshots of the sunny days and fun we enjoyed...

Norwood family reunion

Waterpark and swimming fun

Wondertorium adventures

Activities at Miss Sara's with the gang

Annie took a road trip with Papa, Nana, Wyatt, and Willow to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days and went to North Pole City in Colorado Springs on the way home


Aquarium fun with church friends

Outdoor play and treats

You were great Summer 2015.  You left us exhausted but just like an old friend that comes to visit - we weren't really ready to see you go.  Until the next year we'll enjoy sweet dreams of the nice memories you gave us.


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