Lessons Learned

1. A 3 mile walk in the evening for fun when newlywed, pregnant, & new parents with a baby that sleeps can be done & enjoyed in 45 minutes to nearly an hour (depending on how pregnant one is). This same walk becomes much more time consuming & eventful (stopping frequently to point at cracks in the sidewalk, look for where the random dog bark came from, tottering with lightning speed never before seen by your parents, who have to rush after you, close to a busy road that is at least 8 feet from the sidewalk, etc...) when you have a toddler of 16 months.
2. Never let the aforementioned toddler who is very determined & at times stubborn out of the stroller because she will prove you wrong & walk over a mile on precious chubby legs.


A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll...

As a kid there were quite a few Saturdays that my sisters and I accompanied my father up to the lot to work cattle.  When we were younger we spent the majority of the time playing around the hay bales and horse tanks but as we got older we got different jobs to help process the cattle.  While I moaned and groaned about doing it at the time and complained about the smells and the mess of it all I look back at that time fondly because it was time spent with my sisters and Dad.  Here are a few pictures from a weekend not long ago snapped of Annie outside in Sayre up at my dad's lot that now has kid-sized tools for the grandkids that were strangely never available when I was a child...  She shows you can be working like a ranch hand and still sparkle like a rock star!


Jelly shoes

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We had a picnic yesterday on the OSU campus & Annie wore her new jellies. If you are reading this & have never owned or worn a pair of jelly shoes (unless you are male) you missed out on one of life's great joys for a young girl. Back to the topic at hand though - Annie bless her heart inherited her mother's lack of grace in new shoes but she met the challenge head on (literally, she tripped many times) by trying out steps!


Optical illusion

Okay so last week I thought my commitment to blogging issues had been worked out by finding this awesome application that allows me to blog from my phone. This was going to be great because it would also allow me to post some of the cute pictures I catch using my cell.

Excited to use it I quickly posted my first blog with a sweet picture that perfectly depicted the posting (refer to last posting) Viewing it from my phone I was happy as a lark to see it worked.

Continuing on in my blissful ignorance for a few days I eventually found out that my posting was picture-less which really took away from the whole story & memory I had logged. This has certainly been a blow to my recent blogging appetite.

I have not given up however. After a week of Annie being sick & fighting allergies myself I took a bit of a break but now I am going to work to try & get this app to work. This posting in particular has a fun picture of Annie & I peeking through the headrest of the car but I fear it will only show on my phone posting & those of you viewing it will not see it at all.

Picture it in your mind my friends until I get this thing working....


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