Weekend in review

Here's what we did this weekend -

Friday was my birthday so I was pleasantly surprised by Philip having all our laundry and the housework done by the time I got home from work.  We then went and ate steak at Click's in Pawnee with the soon-to-be birthday girl Jenny, Brynn, and Dustin. Click's is one of those places that every time we go we think, "Why don't we come here more often?"

Afterwards we went and ate the cake that Annie had picked out for me.  We used all of the candles that she had purchased too and the amount of smoke after blowing the candles out was similar to the smoke you see someone on a desert island sending out a call for help....

Saturday Annie had a birthday party to attend at a gymnastics place so she was able to burn lots of energy and re-fill the tank with her second piece of cake in two days.

We then went to celebrate Jenny's birthday by eating nachos and cupcakes.  When we got home and I contemplated ways to get organized while I sat on the couch and carried none of those grand ideas out.

Philip and Annie were much more productive as he showed her how to shine shoes, because he unlike her mother does a good job of keeping up a spiffy appearance. 

Annie is always the willing helper.

Today we went to church and after class Philip and I had toddler nursery duty during services.  The hour and 30 minutes with eight 2 & 3 year-olds reaffirmed my admiration for those who teach pre-school.

It has been a great weekend - Philip was able to take a break from studying since he has two of his CPA exams taken and he doesn't start on the review for the next one until tomorrow, I wasn't really able to take a break from studying but did anyway because I figured the birthday counted for something, and we were blessed with gorgeous weather and fun times with family and friends.

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