Trimming it up

After many mornings of hating getting the tangles brushed out of her hair Annie asked to get her hair cut.

Today we did it with super-cute results.


Small step

Annie took another little step toward eventual independence today - she went on her first play date unaccompanied by parents with her good friend Sadie.


In the clouds

Well this weekend we bought a new mattress. It was delivered today & is nothing short of glorious. We got a temper-pedic cloud series in king-size & it molds to your body & makes you feel like you are actually sleeping on a cloud. (That last statement comes from the promotion for this wonderful product because who has really ever slept on a cloud - no one.)

Anyway, we are all super excited to sleep on it tonight & enjoyed afternoon cartoons with Annie on it today. The size itself is enough to tickle us all pink. Annie walked in and saw it & said "There's room for me in that bed." Hmmm...we'll work on that later.


"Suprise!" or more like "AHHHH!"

This weekend wrapped up the Goodman family birthdays for 2013.  Mom and Cassey have their birthdays in January, Jenny and I have ours in February, and today is Dad's.  To celebrate we all went home and Mom had a surprise party for Dad on Saturday.

Wyatt, Willow, and Annie always enjoy getting together and playing.  It was a late night on Friday and one that did not end up with very good sleep for everyone so come party time Saturday evening this is kind of what we were dealing with...

A little deliriousness and a lot of silliness.  This girl just wanted a cappuccino to get her through the party.

The kiddos began to practice the surprise a few minutes before Papa came home...

There was great anticipation and then the moment came - "Suprise!" or what they all said "AHHHH!!!"

There was food and friends,

cake, (which we had to re-light the candles two times so that the little ones all got to blow candles out) and homemade ice cream (thank you Sarah)...

and then a dance party to top off the festivities.

Brynn who has just recently started walking and was recovering from a double ear infection and some ensuing inner ear balance problems did not understand the point of "we all fall DOWN!" and frankly I never have appreciated that part either.

Fun was had by all (although this picture doesn't adequately capture that).  Happy 61st Dad!


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