Good intentions

In all honesty I got up this morning to catch my clinical log up-to-date.  A clinical log is something for school that is similar to chiggers in the grass during the summer. It's all fun in the sun until you get home and have to chart it. Which in the case of chiggers would be to realize that now you have unsightly red welps on your legs that are going to itch unless you paint them with nail polish (I don't believe that is advice from anyone but an Old Wife but it worked and very quickly).

I am not getting to said clinical log though because the goofy circle (not rainbow wheel - if that comes up you might as well surrender) that says it's loading is spinning like crazy and not getting anything done.  Of course when I go to sites like Yahoo, Pintrest, or the blogs I read they load right up which I guess means it was not meant to be for me to get up and get ahead of the sun this morning.  

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