There has been a lack of posting around here and this is the main reason:

In June we will welcome another Norwood into our home.  

The associated symptoms of pregnancy and it being a busy time of year for work have taken my free time away so hopefully at some point in the future I will get to posting Christmas and a little bit about winter 2016.

For now we press on and plan for the arrival of our Lily.


Annie is 6

Annie turned 6 in November and as is the norm I'm behind, but that makes it nonetheless important.
So here is the better late than never documentation of that event.
We took donuts to her school to celebrate and then listened as her teacher read through her birthday book of cards/pictures her friends made her.

That evening we had a sparkle party at our house where a friend of ours came and fancied up the guest's hair
Then girls made sparkle nail polish, sparkle lip gloss, adorned themselves with gaudy glitter temporary tattoos, and made blingy headbands. After that they broke a huge piƱata and had more candy then they would every need that close to Halloween.  Due to the number of little girls and the amount of adult assistance these activities required I got very few pictures.
Brynny was there though!
We ate cake
and had pizza. Then girls ran around the house having fun until their parents arrived. 

The next morning we ate donuts (can you guess one of Annie's favorite foods) and Annie opened her family gifts.

Denver directed her in doing so
It was the year of the Shopkin which are these little plastic/rubber figures Annie likes to collect.

Later that day we went up to the campus where we all enjoyed the game day festivities and visited with friends.

At age 6 Annie has become more independent and continues to delight us every day with something she says or a sweet gesture she does.  She has matured and grown so much being in Kindergarten that we regularly get a bittersweet reminder of how fast time is flying by. 

She continues to be Denver's biggest fan, and has a caring little soul that will forever make her our sweet Annie even if at times we have to reign in the sassy.

I am so very grateful that God has blessed me with a front row seat to watch what he molds this little girl into.  Happy Birthday sweet Annie!


Halloween 2015 .... meet the Flintstones

This year the whole family dressed up.  Annie had been requesting this for a couple of years so we made her year and did it.

Meet the Flintsones

The kids trick-or-treated in our neighborhood and the neighborhood nearest to us.

They ended up with more treats than they could manage

Then the next evening we went to our church's fall festival where they were once again overly treated and Annie took the opportunity to take a selfie

Other Halloween activities included bobbing for apples

Carving pumpkins

We also attended a Halloween party where we did a hayride 

(Please excuse my refugee look, I worked all day)

Denver rode a pony

And we went on a spook trail.  Overall it was an enjoyable holiday for the whole modern Stone Age family.


Walk Around

Some pics of my favorites from OSU Homecoming walk-around 


Denver turns 2

As hard as it is to believe Denver is now two.  This little guy has brought all kinds of joy and chaos into our lives and we don't know where we'd be without him.

On his actual birthday we celebrated at home with a little cake and some gifts.

He did a great job blowing out candles and an even better job eating the icing.

And to no one's surprise he took to his Batman big wheel trike without any hesitation.

The next day we partied at our house with family and friends.  Denver enjoyed getting roping practice and tips from Papa.

We sang and ate cake and again I forgot to get pictures of everyone but a good time was had by all.

His likes: boots, Pistol Pete (from a distance), superheroes, cows, horses, dogs, cats, cartoons.  He enjoys making messes, taking a bath, playing in water of any kind, candy, & yogurt.  He's not fond of sleeping or anyone crying.

I'm not sure how we ever got by without this little guy and I am so thankful he is a part of our lives.


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