End of school, life before Lily

Annie wrapped up Kindergarten this year.  She did well & mastered all the tasks she was suppose & most importantly she had a great year.

I went with her to her end of year zoo field trip - it was fun & a good way to spend some time together before Lily came.
We walked around with her little pal Taylor & they laughed & posed a lot.
The amount of walking at 8 1/2 months pregnant when it's hot was a little tiring but she was sweet & took breaks with me.
This guy missed the trip but we didn't come home empty handed
The end of school brought with it warm weather & the fun associated with being outside more
We had a visit to Sayre where Denver worked on his driving skills
Annie had her end of year recital.  She did tap this year & she was awesome.
Then there was the last day of school that was so welcome but also brought that feeling of where did the time go with it.
Philip's birthday was celebrated during the time too with an ice cream cake the kids picked out
Denver is a big fan of cake 
May was full of activities & flew by pretty quickly like it always does. It didn't matter though, were ready for summer & the break from so much structure & routine that we were overjoyed when June came calling.


Family Trip

In April we took a few days off work & road tripped up to Kansas City.
We started off with a couple of nights at the Great Wolf Lodge.
The kids had an absolute blast here
It was definitely one of those places I never had to ask them to smile for the camera...
Denver enjoyed every minute he was in the water and really came a long way swimming.
Annie really progressed also & was very brave & did every slide.
She also persisted & after many tries made it across the water logs & lily pads which is basically a balancing act along with requiring tons of upper arm strength.
Philip won Dad & Husband of the year for doing all the slides over & over again with the kids since pregnant women couldn't 
He probably also deserves a medal for doing the MagicQuest with Annie which consisted of running around the hotel finding clues
Denver mainly used his wand to bang on things to make them open...
Fun times all around
We also hit up the Kansas City Zoo which really is a great place. We saw lots of animals
rode every form of transportation they had, 
and played around.
A highlight of the trip was a KC Royals game.  The kids especially loved when the Jumbotron would say "GET LOUD!"  "LOUDER!!!"  We had all sorts of stadium food & really enjoyed the night.
We also had a chance to go to a new aquarium in town & Legoland both of which the kids loved.
Legoland - 
we were in Kansas so there was quite a bit of Wizard of Oz reference...
A turn in the wind tunnel with tornado strength winds
4D Lego movie
A neat little find while we were there was Fritz's restraunt where your meal was delivered by little electric trains to the table & you phoned in your order.  The kids thought this was awesome.
(Really she did like it even if this expression doesn't show it. :)
We enjoyed time together, took naps, didn't follow a schedule & just had a fun few days away.


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