One of the greatest joys of parenting a girl and a boy is seeing the stark differences between the two.  

Annie has always been into all the girly girl stuff and enjoys being fancy while Denver is all boy.

Case and point - Denver enjoys getting dirty, making noise, wrestling/tackling, and any and everything involving being outside. 

One of his favorite outdoor activities is mowing.

If Philip is out there so is Denver

He will mow as long as Philip does, helping him out on the actual mower or using his own bubble mower.

No matter how long or tough the job he sticks with Philip and enjoys every minute of it.  What did we ever do without him?


Ballet year 3

At the end of May Annie completed her third year of ballet.

She really works hard throughout the year and I am always so proud of her because it really takes commitment to go weekly and practice, practice, practice.

It pays off though and Philip and I are always impressed with how well she performs.

This year she admitted she had some stage fright 

but you could never tell from how well she does - she always runs right out to her spot, completes the routine without having to look for cues from her instructors in the wings of the stage, and smiles at the audience throughout the performance.

With each year she has improved 

and despite all the effort it takes mid-winter to stay motivated and go to classes late in the evening, the work is well worth the grace, coordination, and confidence she gains.

Bravo sweet girl, you never cease to amaze me with your talent in all things you do.


Another year in the books

Peace out Pre-K...Kindergarten get ready - after a summer full of fun Annie will be coming for you!

Annie was the Top Female Pre-K runner in Running Club (ran the most miles through the year).  Way to go!


Color Run and other fun

The second weekend in April was a fun one.  We started by doing the Color Run in OKC with Philip's family.
Annie wasn't on board for a picture at this point, clearly.  In her defense, it was early.

It was also packed full of people and just like their promotions say it is actually The Happiest Run on the Planet.  There was music, bubbles, and of course lots of color.

Philip ran ahead with Mackenzie and her friend Declynn while the kids and I kept pace with the younger littles in our group.

Denver ran all of 20 feet but it was a strong sprint.  Good thing he went back to being carried too because look at all of those people he was beating - they didn't have a chance! :)

Unfortunately about 2K into the run it started to rain but that did little to dampen the spirits of the kiddos.

Then on Sunday after church we went to see the Oklahoma City Dodgers play.  

As you can see Denver thoroughly enjoyed the corporate perks of the club seats.

Taylor and Annie had fun too

Afterward we played at the park downtown before heading home.

Give it up for weekend fun!


Easter - the day after Disney

Easter was the day after we got back from Disney.  We actually made it home about 8:30 the night before so after unpacking, starting laundry, and showering it was after 11 before we got to bed.

The Easter bunny still hopped on by.

Easter morning there was a lot of stretching and yawning because well, TIRED, but the kids were still excited to go through their baskets.

and re-discover the joy that is confetti eggs.

We then went to church and I once again failed to get a picture of them in their Sunday best but rest assured, they were cute.

After church we pulled through a drive thru and got some chicken because as mentioned previously TIRED.

The kids changed after lunch and hunted some eggs and eventually just began cracking confetti eggs.

We had a pretty low-key day of transition from vacation mode to life as we know it. Overall an uneventful but very enjoyable holiday.


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