Year One

One year ago we welcomed Denver into our family. 


He took his time deciding to get here but when he made up his mind to arrive he did it quickly -

which should've let us know how every other milestone in his life to this point would be - when he's ready - he's all in.

He started sitting on his own around 4-5 months, 

crawling at 6 months, 

 walking at 9 months, 


 and climbing on everything shortly thereafter.

A little we've learned about him - he's a thinker...

when he's curious about something,

  he is not easily distracted,

until he feels adequately informed about it.

 He's a little ornery,


as evidenced by his sly smile that he uses to his advantage many times a day


and is something we have all fallen victim to.

  He is also pretty sweet

with a charming personality we learn more about every day.


He is always, always busy...


checking something out, 


going somewhere,


or finding out how things work. 


He is either operating full-throttle

or he's asleep...


He's brought us lots of smiles and laughter


along with some exhaustion...


but is the perfect delightful addition to our family that we never knew we were lacking but now can't imagine being without.


Happy 1st Birthday Denver....


year one has been a precious blessing and we look forward to many more! 



Mirror mirror

Who knew that sharing a bathroom with two sisters would help prepare me for sharing a bathroom with two kiddos? (This is code for - I've had to learn to share my mirror again in the mornings.)


Czech Day

So you know it's going to be a good weekend when you start off with this kind of enthusiasm on Friday night.  (What some may consider a routine trip to the car wash Annie views as a great underwater adventure.)

Saturday brought Czech Day and the festival that Annie had been attending Czech school for the last two months in preparation of.  

The day started with a ride in the parade where Annie got to wear her kroj (which is Czech for their traditional dress) that her Nanny made for her with a lovely headpiece made by her cousin Leida.

Part of what made the whole experience so fun for her was getting to do it all with her cousins.  Here they all are (Jacob in the back) waiting for it all to begin.

And here's another pic with two other little Czech students, I'm not sure who they are but when everyone was taking a picture I figured I should snap one too. 

Denver played the supportive younger brother.  Mackenzie was good at making sure he took part in the various activities of the day, even taking him out on the stage and dancing with him some.

Annie had a large audience as both sets of grandparents were there and Nenny and Brynn showed up to join in the festivities too. Brynny's enthusiasm for all things Czech could not be denied as she cried every time she had to come off of the stage and let the traditional dancers perform.

 I spy a photobomber in the background....

Cameo by Denver in this clip - Mackenzie dances by with him

We spent the day listening to the polka bands, watching the kiddos dance, eating traditional Czech food, and wandering through the vendors booths of random tchotchkes, food items, and goofy toys that kids would never in their lives think of wanting until they see them on display and then it's something they can't live without.

Or they have to go down a bouncy house slide that someone has the nerve to charge $3.00 for two turns on (probably because suckers like me will pay that...)

Annie danced her little feet off.

 They all did so well and looked so sweet. 

Philip and I's favorite part of the performance was at the close of their show when they polka-ed off the stage and Annie brought up the end of the line.  It was funny to see her dance all the way out.


That evening we headed to the Czech Hall for more dancing and time to chat with family and friends.

Denver had Czech-ed out and was sleeping when we got there but quickly woke up once the band starting playing and even participated in his first Chicken Dance while perched on my hip.

Overall it was an outstanding day of family and fun.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the kiddos were so worn out from the festivities that we were able to get them from the car in to their beds without them waking up.  Czech Festival for the win!


Lending a hand

Now that he's mobile and can get in to her stuff he drives her a little crazy but being a good big sister is still her number 1 priority...


Run Norwoods, Run!

In my opinion and experience fun and run are two words that don't really go together. This is because they inevitably mean perspiration and desperation as I would willingly jump on any car, horse, bike, or person passing by for the sweet relief of rest.  A "fun run" though is a good family activity that we can all participate in and we all end up enjoying (after I catch my breath) so I signed us up for the Eskimo Joe's Juke Joint Jog.

Our preparation for the run began on a high note when we picked up our packets at Eskimo Joe's on Friday night and enjoyed some cheese fries.  Carb loading before a race is a must...

Denver can be as skeptical as he wants about our choice of pre-race carbohydrates but those who eat dirt shouldn't judge those who eat things that the dirt has actually been cleaned off of... and don't let that look fool you - he participated in bringing down Mount Sweet Pepper Bacon Cheese Fries.

Saturday morning came and it was a beautiful day to run.  

Philip warmed up by walking with a 25 pound weight on his shoulders.


We then lined up and got situated.  Had we been thinking we'd have corrected the guy's number to 829 and 1/2.

 Ready to run...or maybe not by the look on the kids faces...

But the gun fired and off we went ready or not.  Right before the race we ran into some friends of ours so when the race started Denver and Philip ran ahead with the oldest of our group while Annie and I jogged with the middle of the pack with her little friend which ended up motivating both of them to keep going.

Lucky for us Pistol Pete was there to cheer and encourage us on lest we hit the dreaded runner's wall on our one mile trek...

Annie did awesome - she ran more than 3/4 of the mile without slowing and finished strong.

Philip was equally impressive running nearly the whole way with Denver strapped to his chest who clearly loved every minute of it as evidenced by waving his hands and kicking his feet.

We were all handsomely rewarded with blue everyones-a-winner "participant" ribbons which is a step up from the green "I Also Ran" ribbon I was awarded many times at grade school track meets as a kid. (This way from a distance you can fool someone in to thinking you placed first - with a green ribbon that is not a possibility - not that a very young Autumn would have tried that.)

Afterward we headed to the Family Fun Zone where we were served a healthy post-race meal of hotdogs and bananas and there were all sorts of fun things for the kiddos to do.

Annie transformed herself in to a cat and enjoyed the bounce house while Denver worked the cones over...

 and practiced his basketball skills.

We then headed home where Philip and I had a brief burst of energy (or insanity) and did some much needed yard work.  While we did this Annie gathered berries (weeds) and Denver played in the dirt and I'm sure once again consumed some but as the saying goes "God made the dirt and the dirt don't hurt." 

However, a one mile run with a child on you does, as Philip's muscles can attest to a couple of days later...


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