Cool cats

Have you heard the news?  Probably, because it came out a couple of days ago and I'm doubtful anyone is coming here to seek up-to-date news.  Anyway, classic Monopoly (these days there are many versions) has ousted the iron as a playing piece and has added a cat figurine.

You can read more about it here Cat Monopoly piece.

I'm not a cat fan by any stretch of the imagination so this change isn't really that exciting to me.  My distaste for cats basically comes from the fact that they seem so stuck-up.

My feelings for cats is not a secret so my sister Jenny made a point to make sure Annie had plenty of items of clothing as a toddler that had cats on them just because she's funny like that.

(Apparently, these were all "cool" cats as they are all wearing what appear to be sunglasses.)

The great thing about sisters is they know you better than you know yourself and while I don't like cats, Jenny knew I wouldn't hold out on using the clothes so I guess everyone won.

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