Have a SUPER Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Annie has recently begun talking a little bit about and dressing up some as a super-hero.  So naturally super-hero Valentine's were the go-to option for this year because phases fly by quickly with kids and you have to get on board or pray fervently this one goes quicker than most if it is undersirable one such as throwing themselves on the ground every time something doesn't go their way.

Thanks to my friend Shannon for the great design of the super-hero tootsie pops.  Annie said to me, "My friends are going to think this is really special."  How could they not?  Everyone would like their own personal super-hero, right?

I'm sorry to report that crossing one's eyes does not give you x-ray or any type of super-hero vision.

I know this one is blurry but I like the fact that there is a close-up of her hand.  I'm her mom, every appendage and feature is sweet to me.

Another photo to show the Valentine but I like the hands in it the most.  They are losing the baby fat chubbiness they use to have.  :(  I do think she has potential to be a hand model though (that Seinfeld is a hilarious episode by the way).  Fortunately she was not blessed with her mother's man hands that no amount of fancy manicuring can make look good.

This one was probably caught while she was blinking or trying to say something but the expression cracks me up (and makes me a little sad - she looks so grown up!)

Enjoy your day - may many Cupid's arrows hit their target!

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