And we're back...

So it's been nearly 2 years and I haven't posted. In that time I went back to school, life got busy, & I just forgot about blogging in general. I did keep up with cute & sweet memories of life by typing them as notes on my phone. Then the other day I realized, why don't you just go back to typing these on a blog where it was more organized? Thus, here we are! (Yes, during my 2 years away I've acquired a use for the word "thus." Fancy, right?)

This blog is just a place for me to store memories so maybe I'll catch them up, and maybe I won't; but for now I'm going to try again.  (Disclaimer: this probably won't be the last 2 year hiatus knowing myself, but hey, it'll be fun to have small periods of life recorded on the World Wide Web).

To ease back into things here's an updated picture of sweet little Annie who is now 3 & continues to brighten each day in a special way for me...

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