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Since I moved into my own duplex eleven years ago I have slept on a full-sized bed.  This bed was incredibly large compared to the twin bed I'd always slept in.  My dearly departed favorite dog Ara (dauchsaund) and I thought we were sleeping in the lap of luxury on that bed and we both could take up as much room as we wanted.

Fast forward four years and I acquired a new dog Asher who didn't seem to take up to much additional space (dauchsaund chiuau mix) so the bed still suited all of us fine. 

A year later Philip and I got married which decreased the size of the bed but there was still plenty of room. Plus, the bed remained fantastically comfy and we all enjoyed having Philip around so it was an easy accomodation.  Of course there have been a few times in our married life we were made fun of for sleeping in a full sized bed but it worked for us - we both had room and I always thought to myself that my grandparents slept on a full their entire married lives so what was wrong with us sleeping on one?

Anyway, moving along 6 years, puppies now both gone but a small toddler often joining us in bed at night (who sleeps as if she was making a snow angel) the bed has begun to become crowded.  Yes, I know I have a previous post about enjoying having baby feet in my back and it is very sweet and fun to cuddle together.  However, the aforementioned baby feet are at least twice that size with much longer extremities and while one can live without sleep as I have gotten older it's not a pretty picture for those around you to have to live with (literally and figuratively).

I think Philip and I both realized there was a problem with the sleeping situation when back in August while we were at Disney World in our hotel room with 2 queen-sized bed Annie came over in the middle of the night and crawling in to our bed said, "It's cold in that bed over there by myself!" To amend this problem we worked on Annie's sleep habits and while she doesn't join us in bed the majority of the time, when she does all 40 inches of her really make for tight quarters. (In addition to the various small toys or books she decides to bring with her on her venture into the bed.)

The time has come for us to move on to a larger bed.  Not necessarily because at times Annie joins us but more because all of our faces light up with great joy when we know we are sleeping at a hotel because of the fantastic bed we will rest on with ample room to stretch WHILE in bed.  Philip and I have decided that we will pass the obvious upgrade to the queen size and go all the way up to a king size.  Looking at dimensions the other night this is going to give us a crazy 26 extra inches in width and 5 inches in length (which will keep Philip's feet from hanging off unless I over-do it with the pillows as I have a tendency to do).

Now the research has begun to find the perfect bed.  I was talking to Jenny about this and she told me that while shopping for a new mattress of her own she'd been informed by a salesperson that if your mattress was a color that meant it was one of two things.  Old or poor quality.  The mattress we sleep on is a lovely shade of pink so clearly this upgrade is warranted.

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