Late night, early morning

Last night was my favorite night of the week to crawl in to bed because Philip & I usually stay up late watching a movie & we generally stay up late because we can sleep an extra hour or so on Saturday morning.

This was partially true this week - we stayed up late but Annie was up by 2 AM which meant no extra sleep. After realizing she was not going back to sleep the two of us moved to the couch. She and I spent the next 3 hours in the living room with me trying to get her to rest & her making random trips (with her not so quite diaper waddle) down the hall to the bedrooms to check & make sure her dad was still asleep & to bring random toys & household articles back to show me.

Eventually the little thing tired out & laid her head down on me while we both dozed off to The Little Mermaid in the background.

Regardless of the fact that I didn't get my extra sleep it was still my favorite night of the week.

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