George Washington's birthday

That is what today is and it also happens to be my birthday!  Now I have always been one that is fond of birthdays and I have always emphasized the fact that my birthday was shared with the father of our country.  (See below, isn't he noble? Yes, I put a picture of George Washington on my blog because I like having a picture in the postings.)

Traditionally as one gets older people tend to not look forward to their birthday but I have to say I enjoy the day that people take a few seconds out of their day to greet me with a happy birthday and thanks to the technology of texting, emailing, and Facebook I hear from tons of people and am fond of the greetings.  I was also privileged to have "Happy Birthday" sang to me a couple of times today and each time I clapped and giggled during it because of the fun of having a song sung in my honor.

There are many pros to growing up - you can eat cereal for every meal, you choose your own bedtime, you  don't have to hear "not today" when you want a new toy, and many more but unfortunately there are cons too and the loss of birthday parties and excitement are one of those things that kind of fade away.  However, well wishes and remembrances of my happy day go a long way in keeping the fun in birthdays.  (Cake helps too!)

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