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I am the middle child of three girls.  My sisters are two years ahead and behind me on either side.  I really don't have middle child syndrome though from my view because my parents did a very good job making each of us feel important in our own special way and facilitated our interests.

However, my moment of birthday glory each year was quickly swept away by the fact that my little sister Jenny's birthday was the very next day!  My happy day was over and the streamers and balloons were now up to celebrate Jenny's.  The funny thing is it's always been fun sharing birthdays.  We had parties together as kids which made for a bigger party and as we have grown older we have enjoyed celebrating two days in a row. Anyway, today is Jenny's birthday so happy day to her!  We enjoyed dinner out last night to celebrate mine and cake and coffee today to celebrate hers.

(Last year's cake my mother had made for all of us during our birthday weekend celebration, putting the ages on it was a cruel joke at this point. :)

Being in the middle has had many advantages the main one being the relationships built with both sisters over the years and I wouldn't trade my spot for another.

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