Rodent weathermen

So last year in Oklahoma on Christmas Eve we had a crazy winter (record breaking for OKC) storm that left us snowed in at Philip's grandparents for a good 36 hours.  Annie was around 6 weeks old and the five of us had an enjoyable time staying warm inside watching the snow blow outdoors and enjoying a quiet Christmas evening.

That was the beginning of a winter that included about 2 other snow storms that left us housebound with our new baby for a couple of days.  During one of them my mother was snowed in with us so we got to enjoy time with her too.

Annie out in the snow (January 2010)

Anyway, I remember thinking that was the worst winter we'd had in a long time and was oh-so-happy to see spring when it finally arrived.  

Annie Snow Day (February 2011)

Well, winter 2011 was really pretty mild (we picnic-ed on the OSU campus in 70 degree in late January) until 2 weeks ago where we had two large winter storms, that dumped record amounts of snow (up to 6 foot drifts), roll in to Oklahoma in 2 consecutive weeks.  Personally that is enough snow to make me yearn for spring regardless of the fact the previous 8 weeks had been relatively pleasant.  I have said this many times but after December 25th I have no use for winter, snow, or cold and I begin counting down the days to when I can get back outside every evening to walk with my family, plant flowers in terracotta pots, smell the fresh damp air every morning, and relish in the many other joys that spring brings.

Annie out in the snow February 2011

This brings me to the groundhog who for years Americans have looked to in a comical way but also with hope to predict an early spring.  Punxstawney Phil generally sees his shadow which scares him into hiding for another 6 weeks meaning we'll have a late winter.  This year many of us had a lot riding on his prediction.  The Northeast has had a horrible winter with record snowfall and the South had also had many storms roll through. Maybe he'd had threats on his life and that was a factor but whatever it was, he knew better than to cower away from his shadow and because he did not see his shadow we are in for an early spring!  Yay!
Annie searching for spring (February 2011)

Do I believe in a rodent weatherman's prediction?  Yes, if it's what I want to hear.  Oklahoma weathermen are predicting another cold front to roll through and more than likely we'll get some cold snap in March, but we're well on our way out of the thick of winter and this makes me happy.  Here's to an early spring and enjoyable weather on the horizon!

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