St. Valentine's Day

There are all sorts of horrible things said about Valentine's Day but I personally enjoy the day not because I have an incredibly sweet forever Valentine but because it's a nice break from the monotony and length of winter.  By the time we have trudged through a long January without any breaks or special occasions I'm tickled pink to have a day meant to show those you close to you that you love them.

I believe since I have just begun blogging (and since I'm doing this to log memories) this post will consist of a rundown of past Valentine's between Philip and I.

Year one we were both working two jobs so the day was marked by a cap and card left in his car at 6AM before he left for his first job and flowers sent to my work.  At that point in our lives our time together consisted of meals enjoyed together at restaurants before each of us headed to one of our jobs and a few moments of sweet conversation before falling asleep after midnight each night.

The next Valentine's we were newlyweds of just 11 days so we had a meal of Belgian waffles with strawberries and whip cream using one of our new cool toys we had received through wedding gift cards.  Yes, it was dripping with romance.

The second year of our married life Philip was out to sea so our gifts came to each other at a distance - exotic truffles in a heart shaped box with a beautiful cashmere sweater that had a heart on the sleeve was my gift and Philip's was opened on the USS Ronald Reagan which was a card with candy of some sort attached (you can tell who's better at this).

The next year we celebrated traditionally with a meal out together and relished the fact that we weren't apart that year.

Last year was a Sunday meal after church with Jenny and Dustin and our baby girl.  Not exactly full of romance but lovely nonetheless because of the precious new sweetheart we had.


This year we celebrated over the weekend with a family candlelight dinner and Annie gave us the greatest gift of all by sleeping 5 solid hours. Philip once again came through with truffles and a heart shaped box and Annie and I supplied him with cheesey cards I picked out for the both of us that really say what you mean but aren't ever really able to put in to words.

Regardless of whether or not this holiday is one that is just made up for florists and card companies it still brings joy to me to have a day that celebrates the love we have in our live.

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