Probably the reason I'm doing this blog is mainly because since the birth of Annie I am always thinking about how fast time goes and looking back at memories wondering how those fun moments passed so quickly.  I am thankful that I can say I really have no regrets.

I enjoyed my early twenties going to college, completing my Bachelor's and beginning a career in nursing.  I spent those years having good times with many friends and beginning a fun career that introduced me to many interesting people and unique situations (more on those later).  At 25 I met the love of my life which opened another chapter of my life that was full of fun new experiences and brought true meaning to the term "time flies when you are having fun." As I entered my thirtieth year I was a new mother, had completed my Master's, and as I was able to look back and appreciate my twenties I realized that time was flying by.

Nearly a year later I realize that as time marches on there is a good deal of joy glancing back with fondness but the greater pleasure is living with contentment in the moment and looking forward with excitement.

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