Animal Kingdom

Well, doing an individual post for each fantastic day at Disney has become one thing on my to-do list that just taunts me; and yet with all the life that is happening right now I have to continue to let it bate me as it slides further and further down the list. However, I am going to buckle down and get this done. I will forewarn you though, many details are going to be missing but hopefully enough will be down to bring back the rosey, warm memories that were made.

Day 3 had us at Animal Kingdom.  This is a super-unique park as it a zoo inside a theme park and is all kinds of fun. Some highlights:

The scout program. They earned merits throughout the park while learning about dinosaurs, different cultures, animals, and all types of other fun things as they gathered badges, filled their journal, and gained plenty of knowledge along the way. Please make note of Brynn's "we're doing this why?" face.

Lunch at the Yak and the Yeti.  We ate here the last time we came and it did not disappoint again.

The dinosaur ride - a little scary but we got this awesome take-away photo.  About 1/4 of the way through this ride Cassey and I realized this was probably not the best for children in our age group so I spent the rest of the time convincing Annie how fake all the life-like dinosaurs coming at us looked. She still said right when we got off "I don't want to do that ever again."

Denver also got to ride a dinosaur ride of a more tame nature that he enjoyed. Apparently it was very sunny as the severe squinting of his parents portrays.

We also went on the jungle safari and this is one of my favorite features of the park.  Denver spent his time crawling across the laps of Philip, me, mom, and dad to get the closest view he could of each animal we encountered.

We enjoyed the Lion King show, Philip and I rode some avalanche roller coaster with a yeti animation that was great fun, and we hit up the 4D presentation of It's Tough to Be A Bug which dad found the most amusing part of the day.  Denver did not as he woke up when the bugs were coming at us.

And of course face painting is always a high point.

We left the park early evening and headed back to the resort so the kids could get some pool time.

Denver was happy as a lark to float on his life jacket.  He would just lay back and smile and laugh. Any time we took him out he wanted to jump right back in.

Annie, Wyatt, and Willow loved the slide and water features at the pool.

It was another day where we'd overdosed on good times and everyone went to bed with a smile on their face.

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