Fairytale Ending

Our final day in the parks at Disney we went back to the Magic Kingdom.

We started our morning out at the resort with breakfast and some coloring while the adults finished their Mickey Waffles, of course.

Then we caught the shuttle to the park - I believe my general appearance would be considered haggard at this point 

When we got to there everyone knew the lay of the land now so we started hitting up all the things we wanted to do again or make sure we hadn't missed.

By now all the kids were loving rides so we did a lot of that.

Denver's size prohibited him from riding a lot so he got on the train with Nana and Papa went a couple of times around the park.

Which wore him out.

We ate lunch in Cinderella's castle and enjoyed a fancy feast while hob-nobbing with the princesses again.

Afterward Denver took Papa on a walking tour of the whole park drinking all the Coke he wanted and Wyatt and his Dad got some riding in while the girls got princess makeovers at the Bippity Boppity Botique.

They were so very pleased with the results.  (Contrary to the look on Brynn's face which could have been there because Annie playing the typical big sister role informed her that her Ariel outfit was "inappropriate" due to it showing her tummy.)

We played around some more and met Tinkerbell 

then finished the day with prime viewing of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

The next morning we ate breakfast and caught the Magical Express to the airport

Luckily there was a pretty perfectly timed nap for this guy

and a play place where we had a 3 hour layover.

The Disney World trip was every kind of wonderful and gave us all memories that will last a lifetime, and even if those memories fade, we'll still have the fond thoughts when looking back that allow us to realize what a great gift family and time spent with them is.

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