Easter - the day after Disney

Easter was the day after we got back from Disney.  We actually made it home about 8:30 the night before so after unpacking, starting laundry, and showering it was after 11 before we got to bed.

The Easter bunny still hopped on by.

Easter morning there was a lot of stretching and yawning because well, TIRED, but the kids were still excited to go through their baskets.

and re-discover the joy that is confetti eggs.

We then went to church and I once again failed to get a picture of them in their Sunday best but rest assured, they were cute.

After church we pulled through a drive thru and got some chicken because as mentioned previously TIRED.

The kids changed after lunch and hunted some eggs and eventually just began cracking confetti eggs.

We had a pretty low-key day of transition from vacation mode to life as we know it. Overall an uneventful but very enjoyable holiday.

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