Color Run and other fun

The second weekend in April was a fun one.  We started by doing the Color Run in OKC with Philip's family.
Annie wasn't on board for a picture at this point, clearly.  In her defense, it was early.

It was also packed full of people and just like their promotions say it is actually The Happiest Run on the Planet.  There was music, bubbles, and of course lots of color.

Philip ran ahead with Mackenzie and her friend Declynn while the kids and I kept pace with the younger littles in our group.

Denver ran all of 20 feet but it was a strong sprint.  Good thing he went back to being carried too because look at all of those people he was beating - they didn't have a chance! :)

Unfortunately about 2K into the run it started to rain but that did little to dampen the spirits of the kiddos.

Then on Sunday after church we went to see the Oklahoma City Dodgers play.  

As you can see Denver thoroughly enjoyed the corporate perks of the club seats.

Taylor and Annie had fun too

Afterward we played at the park downtown before heading home.

Give it up for weekend fun!

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