Day 5 had us in Epcot which I think is the most unique of all the parks.  Once again I am going to basically phone it in on this post and just give the highlights because sadly I didn't get a lot of pictures because well, day 5 and we're traveling with a 17 month old folks. Philip did capture this little gem though while we were all getting through the bag check line.

This was the perfect time of year to go to Epcot.  They were having their flower festival which meant they had TONS of creative topiaries of characters that were beautiful.
Hey kids! Look over here!

Also because it was the week before Easter there was a fun egg hunt that the kids could participate in going through each of the countries on the world tour side and finding different Disney character eggs.
On to the recap of our day at Epcot:
Breakfast in Norway with the princesses

Then we went to Turtle talk with Crush and got to enjoy the Finding Nemo ride and seeing all of the fish in the live aquarium 
(I love how the seahorse seems to be looking skeptically at Annie in this picture, she wanted one with the little octopus since he's one of her favorites on Finding Nemo).

We found the musical dance floor that both kiddos enjoyed hopping around on which was a highlight of our last trip to Epcot with a younger Annie.

Then we hit up the spot where you can try different Coke products from different countries which was a real treat for my soda-deprived offspring 

We even made some "suicides"
Some were tasty
Some were not
But it was a fun stop

After our tummies were sloshing we toured through the countries in the world showcase

Annie finished the egg hunt and after we had soaked up all the culture we could we met up with everyone else.

To end the day we closed the park down ooohhhing and aaahhhhing over the beautiful fireworks display.

Epcot - you were a world of fun!

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