Magic Kingdom

Tuesday we started out our day by having a Supercalifragilistic breakfast that was quite the delight because the food was yummy for both kids and adults. The menu included things from eggs Benedict to brownies - for breakfast! There may have been a mother who put a plate of gummy bears in the middle of the table because we were at the happiest place on earth...it felt like the right thing to do. :)

Alice was there

The Mad Hatter


and Pooh was also in attendance but Denver couldn't be bothered because priorities people.

We had a fun breakfast and then headed to the Magic Kingdom. We attempted a family pic and then just surrendered and headed in.

We waited in some lines to ride some rides and again Disney knows what they are doing and most of the rides that were catered to little kids had some activity or play area for them during the wait.

The last time we were at Disney World they were working on building Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and so we were really anxious to see the finished product and it did not disappoint.

The following pictures are courtesy of the Internet because sake's alive there were people everywhere and taking scenery pics with a 17 month-old on your hip is just near impossible.
Rapunzel's kingdom

Aeriel's grotto

Gaston's Tavern

The Beast's castle

Fantasyland was just like being in the actual locations of the movies - well-played Disney, well-played.

We actually got to lunch in the Beast's castle 

I had "the gray stuff" based on the review of it being "delicious" in the movie Beauty and the Beast and it was. 

That afternoon we rode some more rides - It's a Small World and the teacups are favorites of Annie's

We also went to the Enchanted Tales with Belle which was an interactive activity and really fun

After which we went to Gaston's Tavern for some Lafeu's Brew that we couldn't get enough of - in a word...yum!  The kids sat in his chair and admired all the antlers on the walls.

Annie met up with Anna and Elsa

and we checked out the Haunted Mansion 

then spent the rest of the day shopping around, riding more rides, and playing until our dogs were barking and the evening fireworks had gone off.  

Throughout the day there were a few tired tears and the occasional moment of grumpiness but those moments were so minuscule in comparison with the amount of happiness that they are hard to recall just two weeks after the fact when I am writing this.

Overall it was a day full of laughter, smiles, and time together making priceless memories.

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