The fun continues

Captain's log day 3 - I decided it was time to explore the island a little bit.  

So after breakfast on the patio 

we loaded up to go see what all was out there.

Sanibel is largely a conservation district/refuge so we ended up at an estuary where we did a boat tour and spent some time in a live classroom learning about and touching various sea creatures.

By we I mainly mean Annie because at his young age Denver hasn't yet mastered the art of being gentle with nature.

On the boat tour we saw and learned about all sorts of local wildlife but as I've mentioned before I'm not big on scenery or nature pictures unless people are in front of them so here we are on the boat...

I wrangled this wild one throughout the tour and tried to keep him quiet when we'd get close to something cool and our guide would turn off the boat to avoid scaring the natives.  

My favorite line from our very chipper and wide-eyed captain was "think about this folks - are we observing them or are they observing us???" 

In my opinion if they are observing us they aren't too interested because we were a boat of 20 and only saw a couple of dolphins and some random gulls while we were out there.

One of the dolphins. We were viewing them in their natural state which meant we stayed away and if they wanted to they could swim to us.  As you can tell from how far from us this dolphin was he was much like a teenager with their parents in public - glad to keep his distance.

Annie enjoyed the boat ride as she likes experiencing all forms of transportation.

While Denver worked on getting his sea legs.

Afterwards we went and ate a fun place.

They had complementary funfetti cupcakes while you waited for your meal so they won Annie over.

Denver doesn't take winning over when it comes to meals.  At this point he is just happy if there is food - funfetti is enjoyed equally with crackers or whatever fare he's given.

By this time the heat and humidity had us all a little wilted and ready for a nap so we retreated back to the hotel for rest.

We then went to the beach because we live in a land-locked state and need to get as much of it in as we can.  After we put in some time there we went back to the hotel pool where Annie would happily spend her entire day (I could probably extend that to vacation).

To summarize at this point I'd say we are all thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  I also have to say we are three days in and neither child has sunburned which is a huge win with our skin.

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