Keeping up family traditions - Czech that off the list

Well, we perservered and made it through our first week after vacation.  We did exciting things like going to work, grocery shopping, eating meals at home, and finally getting some tomatoes from the garden.

The kids easily fell back into their routine of play groups, story hour, and swimming while Philip and I went out and fought the tiger each day and caught up on the work that went on while we were gone.  Similar to every time I've been out for vacation though it seemed like it was a really long week and I was grateful when the weekend arrived.

Jenny and Co. had come to town because Dustin had a golf tournament he played in on Friday so that was a good time that consisted of kids playing and parents visiting. 

On Saturday we spent the majority of our day outside.

We went to a luncheon and swimming here in town at a function with some of my co-workers and afterwards headed to Yukon for a birthday party for Jacob.

Annie got to fish which she thought was fun but she was a little disappointed at the fact that she didn't catch something EVERY time she threw her line out (or any time in her case).

She did enjoy the pinata action though - and actually contributed to the eventual breaking of it.

Sunday morning we headed to the city to get to early service with the grandparents. 

Early mornings are sometimes difficult when you have crazy baby hair...

After church we ate lunch downtown at KD's due to the fact that we, like everyone who lives in Oklahoma, love all things Thunder.

Denver tried on a pair of Kevin Durant's shoes - he has some room to grow.

We had a little while before Czech school so we went over to Steve and Jana's house and played mind games.  Literally, they are games that exercise your mind by putting up some pictures and you identify what the phrase is.  Highly addictive and irritating when you can't figure out what the phrase is but in general with 5 adults working on it you can usually get there.  :) 

When we'd increased our intelligence as much as we could it was time to take Annie to her first class of Czech school.  One (truly one person because, good grief Autumn stop with the over explaining everything and making ridiculously long blog posts) may wonder why Czech school and to you I answer, because Annie is 1/8 Czech.  Isn't that fun?

Anyway, Philip's family has a long Czech heritage and have been very involved in the Oklahoma Czechs. Every year there is Czech school where little ones can go, learn some Czech words, traditional Czech dances, some history behind the Czech traditions.  I must confess though, Annie's main motivation is the ride in the parade on Czech day where she says she will be waving and blowing kisses.

Thus, Czech school.  Annie really enjoyed herself and had fun learning the dances and spending an hour with some of her little Kouba cousins.

(Pardon the poor picture quality - action shots are not my forte)

That pretty much sums up our weekend. 

After her class we ate some authetic Mexican food at a slightly sketchy place in Oklahoma City (because Philip and I like to instill all sorts of cultural influence in our children... :) and then returned home but not before Annie put her arms around Philip and I in the car and smiled and said "We're a good family." Which melted both our hearts from the sweetness/sappiness of it all.

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