And we're off

We're on vacation!!! I say this with the full knowledge that this blog is read by a very small group of friends and family and not by a rogue group of bandits waiting to rob our house of our possessions.  In the case that you are a thief though, you need to know we have a rather large burly man with his wolf hound house sitting - you've been warned.

Moving on - day one found us at the airport at 4:15 AM.  Yes, you read that right - the sun had not even considered coming up when we loaded our kids into the car and headed to the airport. We were smart enough to at least drive down to OKC the night before so we didn't have to be up at 2 AM.  

Despite the early hour though both littles had a spring in their step and were outstanding on the flights. 

In fact, when our second flight ended and we stood up the man in front of us said "You had kids? Very well behaved!" All I've got to say to that was - prayers were answered.  

The good thing about such an early flight (the bad obviously being the strong realization that I truly do need beauty sleep and my hair needs more attention than a comb run through it as the above picture shows) is that we were in Florida at our destination in time for lunch.

We're in Sanibel which is a little beach town that is a perfect spot for us this year with a 4 year-old and an 8 month old.

Our hotel is on the beach so we can walk out the door and play in the sand.

Or eat it - whatever you fancy.

Seeing the ocean and accompanying beach is a first for both kids. (In case either child is reading this at a later date and you are an analytical thinker like your dad I'll acknowledge that it's actually the Gulf of Mexico - but whatever, it works).

Annie is an enthusiastic traveler so the plane rides were "so exciting!" Then the rental car was "so cool!" and the hotel room was "really great!" But the beach with all it's shells (Sanibel is known for shelling) soft, powdery white sand and the ocean in the background was simply "awesome!" She is enjoying running along the shore chasing birds, hunting down the perfect shell for everyone she's ever known, building sand castles, and standing in the water feeling the waves move her.

Denver loves hearing, seeing, and being in the ocean.  He just laughs and chatters every time we get to the beach and get him in the water.

Philip and I are enjoying waking up to our natural alarm clocks (i.e. Annie and Denver) and having a break from our regular scheduled programming. 

Yay for vacay!


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