At the beach

I'm a planner and organizer for the most part, so this vacation has been unorthodox for me mainly because there really hasn't been much of an agenda at all.  

We wake up, breakfast at the hotel, and then make our plan for the day which has pretty much consisted of this 1) being at the beach 

or 2) hanging out at the pool.

(I have no idea why Annie does this pose in every picture.)

We did pass a playground one day so because of Annie's deep love of playgrounds (and continual asking) we went back early one morning before it got really hot and let the kiddies play.

After about an hour and half and Denver assuming this position

we headed out to see another beach on the island.

Annie found more shells and we all played in the water.

The kids snacked and soaked up some rays while I constantly re-applied SPF 50 sunscreen on all of us because I've made it my personal mission no one burns on my watch.

Annie has made it her mission to keep Denver from eating the beach - hers is a tougher one than mine.




and fun


sometimes you don't have to have a plan.

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