Independence Day

As odd as it sounds we started celebrating the Fourth of July on July 3rd. Yukon always has a vetran's celebration on the day before and from my limited experience the fireworks show is just as good as their 4th show.  Bonus - they have the philharmonic there playing great Americana songs so why not begin celebrating early? No reason? We couldn't think of one either thus like many pioneers before us - we headed west. Yes, our journey was considerably more comfortable and shorter but I like to think we channeled the same American spirit.

Upon arrival Annie was happy to carry her lawn chair part of the way and looked all sorts of sassy walking to the park.  However, like most things that take some effort the fun wore off and her dad had to rescue her tired muscles and carry it the rest of the way.  

The Norwood, Chapman, Converse families were there in full force. When we arrived we found that thankfully we had nearly front "row" access because similar to the warm sandy beaches that cover Antarctica, full orchestras and fireworks can be subtle at times and we didn't want to miss anything... ;)

The kiddos ran around our little area while Denver tried his hardest to sing along...

and Annie told her grandparents what the meaning of life was or something equally important.

Denver was not lacking for attention or being held/smothered.

The weather was perfect, the music was great, and the fireworks were beautiful.

On the actual 4th we slept in because of our late night before and then went and bought the most basic of firecrackers.  
Annie still has her doubts about any type of explosive and since we live within city limits that's probably all the law allows anyway (although you couldn't tell it from the noise in our neighborhood).

To celebrate our great country's birthday we grilled steaks and noshed on cobbler and ice cream.  Annie kicked it up a notch by donning lots of blue eyeshadow because 1) backyard celebrations with your parents and brother require a certain pizzazz 2) anything worth doing is worth doing up big.

This brings up the point that there are many things one can get away with as a 4 year-old that you can't at any other age.  Eye shadow that is similar to Tonto's mask on a holiday may be bold but I'm going to say she made it work.

She also repeated her party outfit. She had two but this one was given to her from Nana so it automatically out-ranked anything purchased by mom and she just didn't think the one evening of wear did it justice.

These would be fashion faux pas but at age 4 they make perfect sense and why not?  It's summer.  Who am I to judge anyway, I use to think a swimsuit with jean shorts was the perfect 4th of July attire. 

After grilling Philip set off Annie's smoke bombs, lit up her snakes, and being the stand-up dad that he is even did her sparklers for her since she decided they were scary this year.

We then declared our independence from the mosquitos by heading inside while we let freedom ring to the sound of fireworks all around us.

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