Ballet take 2

Annie just finished up her second year of ballet with a very entertaining recital (of course we only know that the first half was enjoyable because keeping Denver somewhat still in one seat for more than an hour is like asking Putin to return a ring he asked to look at - not gonna happen).

This year was much different from last year because of her previous experience she was very comfortable & became quite confident throughout the year.

She has learned first through fifth positions.  (At least that's how many she does when she is showing them to me, for all I know about ballet she's making them up as she goes along but it looks graceful which is convincing enough for me.). She has also picked up other fancy moves such as plié  & arabesque which she enjoys showing me & telling me how easy they are as I try to attempt them per her request. Thankfully it appears that grace is something that can be learned at a young age & is not genetic because she certainly didn't inherit it & it's not something I'm aquiring at my not-as-young age...

This year for the recital she was a mouse and they did the song Hickory Dickory Dock. Her favorite feature was the tail because she liked wagging it (see video below).
She had many fans (family & friends) come and watch her performances.  Denver and her cousins (Maylee below) were great audience members as they clapped enthusiastically for her performance.
But then how could you not when it's this good?  (She's the second from the left - this was a snippet from deress rehearsal.)

Ballet year 2 - success.

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