Tulsa time

Over the last 3 weeks Philip has had to do quite a bit of traveling.  The first week he was in D.C. overnight.  

Here he is posing like a statue (Philip's in the foreground. Haha!)

Then he was in Chicago for a few days -

(photo credits go to him - these were hijacked from his Instagram) 

which interpreted into Garrett's popcorn for us for breakfast the morning after he got home because - YUM.

The next week he was in Dallas a couple of days for training.

Don't be mistaken - his training was not to become a professional baseball player - this was just the only picture he took while there.  I'm sure his training consisted of very important information regarding debits and credits and all that fun number crunching stuff but those really aren't the parts worth documenting or remembering so much in the future.  (At least not for me - I'm pretty sure his employer thinks it's worth him remembering and putting to use.)

This week has had him in Tulsa.  One thing we've always tried to do since we've been together is travel with each other whenever possible.  Even more so since we've had the kiddos and sometimes it works out swimmingly (Disney World 2012) and other times it's just too quick of a trip.

Anyway, this go round I had a mid-week day off so we headed up to stay the night with him.  First thing we did was eat burgers & fries and then head to a minor league baseball game.

Contrary to the look on Annie's face it was a good time for the kids because the stadium had a playground that she enjoyed and a lawn that Denver enjoyed crawling around on.  

A bonus for me was I ran into a long-time friend from home (Kali Tarr) & got to see two of her cute boys.

Growing up in a small town I always feel like I'm going to run into someone I know everywhere I go.  Even living in San Diego I was that way.  However, while like the song says "it's a small world after all" it's not that small and around every bend is not an old pal.  It is fun though when you do see familiar faces in different places.

The next morning Annie thoroughly enjoyed watching Philip walk to work at the next building from the hotel window.

Clearly it's the little things. :)

Then we took advantage of the hotel pool 

after posing for a selfie in the elevator because according to Annie it was a great place for a picture.

It was not - as seen by the grainy and dark appearance of the photo but her expression is cute and it validates the fact that Denver accompanied us since the majority of pictures taken to this point were done with him as my assistant sitting on my hip. At this stage in his life that is his preferred resting place so unless I take selfies (which I do not like to do) it's hard to get him in the pic the majority of the time.

We then got dressed and after a totally unnecessary but very much enjoyed escalator ride headed out to do some shopping.

Poor Denver - Annie and I love finding silly things and trying them on him. He's such a good sport.

After lunch and a goodbye to Philip we headed home.  It was a quick trip but broke up the week some and gave us some fun time together.

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