7 months in...


This guy is closing in on 3/4 of a year and they aren't lyin' when they say no two kids are alike. The differences between him and Annie are so stark it makes it hard to believe they have the same genes at times.

Of course most of this could just be the difference between boys and girls.  Or a lot of it (probably the majority of it) could be the distance between them.  Almost 4 years is plenty of time to forget about baby behaviors & gloss over some of the past. ;)

A little bit about him - 

He loves to swing and has since he could barely sit up...

The higher and faster the better 

And longer - he'll swing for as long as someone will push him.

He loves the water; bath time, swimming pools, waterhose, any form or amount - he's in to it.

Any toy that rocks, bounces, or allows him to walk or jump is aces for him - the guy wants to be moving at. all. times.  (Not so fun if you are mom holding him in church, at a restraunt, or at bedtime...)

He loves being outside 

and he has a need for speed (which his sister is happy to oblige).

He likes his groceries

and he's all boy 

so we already have a lot of scrapes and bruises...

but every scar tells a story, right? 

Annie is his number 1 pal

and everything she does is amusing to him.

He doesn't do much of this -

but that's okay because it allows us all to enjoy more of this:

lucky us. :)

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