Memorial Day weekend

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite holidays.  It most importantly allows us to reflect and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  In addition to that it is a laid-back long weekend that signals the start of summer.

Friday was Annie's last day of school.  Here's the annual first/last day comparison:

I worked a half day and Philip was off work so he ran some quick errands and we had lunch together before gathering up the kidlets.

We played at home for a little while, ate some supper, and then went for a walk at the Botanical Gardens so Annie could hunt down some fairy doors.  The Botanical Gardens are a hidden gem in Stillwater.  It's a beautiful place to go walk, enjoy the evening, and look at all the unique vegetation the students grow.  Plus, they have fun things for kids like a playhouse, sensory garden, and manual water pump.  Annie loves it there and with the addition (or our discovery) of the discreet fairy doors you can seek out she wants to go there all the time now.

Denver just comes along for the ride.  As long as he can see what's going on he's happy.

We finished the evening with ice cream because:
 1) it's summer and
 2) I noticed Braum's has stolen my creation of the carmel brownie sundae and so I found it necessary to go try it and make sure they were making it right. 
(Paleo cheat - which I have decided I will no longer call cheating but instead call it LIVING.)  :)

Saturday stretched in front of us as a blank canvas which was a welcome change from the past few months of  busy weekends.  We did a little lounging and then made use of our Wondertorium membership.



After church on Sunday we had some friends come over and share Sunday lunch with us.  The adults conversed and the littles played until the "everyoneneedsanap" meltdowns began to occur.  

That evening we had a burger bar cookout and fun with Nanny, Papa, Melissa, and Maylee.  The girls enjoyed playing together and Annie was more than happy to take her cousin to see the fairy doors.  (In a small town any novelty item is worth showing everyone who visits.)  
On this trip Annie was excited to see the ferrel cat that lives there because it allowed her to tell her personal story of witnessing it kill a mouse on Friday night (which per her tale now was a rat - someone has a flair for the dramatic...).  
However, when it started following us her excitement turned to panic.  Maylee was ready to take the kitty home with her as evidenced by her taking as long as possible to get in the car to allow the cat to jump in all while Annie was screaming "SHUT THE DOOR."

We then returned home and watched the OKC Thunder take down the Spurs and swapped stories about summer plans while going through my various essential oils. Luckily my in-laws have a little hippy craziness in them too.  ;)

Monday brought a lazy morning.  Annie learned about Memorial Day so she now includes the soliders in all of her prayers (in addition to numerous individuals who have long recovered from their previous illnesses and prayerful needs but hey, who can't use a few prayers?).  The sincerity of children's prayers is pure preciousness. 
Annie and I worked on her Kiwi Crate which this month involved planting a mini garden and making finger puppets.  Well, the excitement of farming and wanting to be involved was too much for Denver and this happened:

He's on the move now - watch out world.  (I would've preferred he had a onesie or any having type of clothes on but capturing authentic "firsts" does not allow for breaks in filming...)

That afternoon we were invited to a "safari" at a local exotic animal farm and enjoyed seeing and feeding unique animals with some of our friends.

Mini horse

Mini cattle 

R.O.U.S.  (Rodent Of Unusual Size). Not really, but I can't remember what this was described as beyond it being a really large rodent.

Turtle (there was an interesting story behind this one too but I didn't hear it because Denver and I were still feeding an extremely hungry emu.  All Annie caught on to was it carried its house with it everywhere it went.  Can we do that Mom?  No dear, I'd prefer not to live in a Winnebago.)


The evening was a quiet one where both Philip and I put off all the necessary things to get ready for the next day and work week which left us scrambling Tuesday morning but it was worth it to stretch as much as we could out of the enjoyable long weekend.

Welcome summer - we're looking forward to the adventures and experiences you bring with you. 

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