Father's Day logic

Let's face facts - you can't know everything about the person you are going to marry.  Yes, over the course of your courtship you can identify how they handle stressful situations or bad news along with all the happy moments, but some things you're just going in blind thinking the heart wants what the heart wants and it will all work out.  

Parenting was one of those things in Philip & I's relationship.  With no direct observation of skill level I just assumed since he was the love of my life and my perfect complement that he'd be great at it.

That logic was spot on.

Logic always has reasoning behind it so here is some of mine:

He's fun.  He's always up for a good time and makes everything more enjoyable for all of us.

He's involved.  When we had Annie and he was a student he always worked his schedule out as much as he could so that he was with her whenever she was not at the Mother's Day Out program.  

They spent many hours together while I was at work and he was always finding something for her to do, taking her some place fun to get a treat, or meeting up with others so she had good friends to play with. 

While parenting is a group effort he's really the one to credit with potty-training Annie and there are plenty of other things that Annie gently corrects me and lets me know how her and her Daddy do it (and she's right his method is generally better).

He's laid-back.  If there is one lesson parenting teaches you early on it's that things will probably never go according to your plans so you better be okay with sudden changes.  He is.

He's always kind.  Surprisingly our kids are not perfect. (Another thing you don't know beforehand... :) When discipline has to occur he's never demeaning or rude, he corrects the action and moves on.

He's up for it.  Whatever it is.  If it involves the kids and I he's happy to be part of it. 

Having a little girl has meant tea parties, lots of pink, princess meet and greets, dress-up, and lots of other non-masculine things and he's never once refused to participate in any of these things because he knows how much they mean to Annie.
He's a hard worker. At times he works really long hours and his commute alone is tiresome but he doesn't bring that home with him.  When he comes in he's ready to play and help with the kids and he's happy to be here.

Bottom line - God gave me a good one.  He's a keeper.


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  1. So glad you got a good one! What a sweet family!



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