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Busy season is officially over for Philip, cold and flu season is trending down, Annie has begun her last nine weeks of pre-K and spring is on its way so it's the perfect time to vacation and that is just what we are doing.

We've loaded up our bags and headed to Disney World for a fun week of magic and memory making courtesy of Papa and Nana and of course Disney.

We flew together as a large group sans Cassey and Michael who met up with us at the resort.

Traveling in a group was helpful because it left more hands to help with this little guy.  The bigger littles were able to keep each other entertained with various technology sources and tiny little Shopkin toys that kept the adults busy scrambling around to keep up with.  Note to toy manufacturers- anything smaller than a half-dollar is not a good idea to create and then market to kids with not-yet-developed-hand-dexterity.

We rode the Magical Express to our resort.

We got checked in the resort and the caught the ferry and meandered around Downtown Disney where we ate some yummy food and then headed back to the resort for the kids to swim.

We wrapped the day up with the kid's watching movies on the lawn at the resort and then some much needed sleep for all the excitement that lies ahead this week.

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