Uphill Battle

Last Sunday Philip completed a half-marathon trail run in Tulsa.  

It was not until we drove up to the site of the race the evening before that he realized he would be running up what in Oklahoma geography is a mountain and was appropriately titled "The Hill from *&!!" (aka Satan's lair). This did not discourage him though, and much like the popular t-shirts of the 90's claimed, he had No Fear as the kids and I dropped him off the next morning. (Although he may have had a little concern after overhearing a conversation by a young man that morning who limped in to the breakfast area talking about the race the day before and people being carried off on stretchers...)

The littles and I then headed back to the hotel and breakfasted and enjoyed the wonder of a spinning chair.

Seriously you would have thought this typical black business seat was the teacups at Disneyland for the joy these two got out of that chair.

After Denver was walking like a drunken sailor and Annie had jumped from bed to bed approximately 40 million times we loaded up and went to watch Philip cross the finish line.

He did fantastic!

He ended up being 11th in his age group which is outstanding for a first timer and a trail run.  He had trained hard and finished well.  

Annie decided that morning that she wanted to give him a big surprise for "winning" (aka finishing) and came up with all sorts of good ideas like new shoes or a new car but was easily satisfied with the large medal he got when he was done. 

On our way home we got Mexican food which is always a win in my book.

Way to go Philip on the 13.1!

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