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I had the best of intentions of blogging each day of our Disney World trip when we got back to our resort at night but as an experienced Disney traveler I should have known that was not going to happen.  While at Disney there is just SO much fun to be had that we went on all cylinders, all day, all week so sheer exhaustion won out.  Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll get every magical moment documented.

Monday we hit the parks.  Prior to leaving we met for breakfast at the resort where the kids and Papa discovered the deliciousness that is the acclaimed Mickey Waffle and the majority of our group preceded to enjoy these as frequently as possible for the most important meal of the day throughout the rest of the week.

Any food you can dip qualifies as a win for Annie and cups of syrup made this possible...Disney knows kids.

Disney also knows how to make everything as easy as possible on you so we caught the bus from our resort each day and headed to the park we had planned for.

Our rowdy bunch - the excitement is clearly palpable from the forced smile on nearly all their faces...

Then we arrived at Hollywood Studios 

This was a first for all of us because the last trip Philip, Annie, and I took to Disney World we didn't go to this park.  What a shame because it was so fun.

We did some meet and greets

Annie was an old pro at meeting characters 

Denver was a little more reserved

but as long as Mom or Dad were close he'd say hello

in his own way which generally meant touching their nose...

At Hollywood Studios we enjoyed two stage shows one being The Little Mermaid and the other being Beauty and the Beast.  They were really great!  The Little Mermaid was a little scary at parts (Ursula is an 8 -10 foot moving puppet - enough said) but both kids absolutely loved every minute of Beauty and the Beast.  

The performances, sets, and costumes were just amazing and the 30 minute time frame was perfect for children the age of ours.

We then had some treats

toured the park some more

and came across some celebrities Denver recognized.

We also got to enjoy the Frozen sing-a-long which was definitely a highlight to Annie's day

Denver, on the other hand, took advantage of the dark and napped.

Later we met up with everyone for dinner and then wandered around a little while more before the evening Fantasmic show.  It was during this timeframe that Denver apparently realized he'd healed all the scratches and bruises on his head and proceeded to roll down a slide at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground (or what should be named A Magical Medical Emergency Waiting To Happen playground) so that he was marked up for all the pictures the rest of the week.

To end our day we went to the Fantasmic show that was much like its name, fantastic.

It was a perfect start to a fun week.

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  1. This looks so fun!! I miss seeing Annie at school!!!



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