Cold play

We've had some snow this week.

I had Monday off and so Denver and I took Annie to school while the fluffy flakes drifted down all around us.

We then headed back to house where Denver did some re-decorating and I caught up on a few things.

The snow continued to fall all morning and since Denver and I were enjoying the break in routine

we decided to go pick up Annie from school and have her join us.

Snow is always fun for the kids, especially since where we live it comes and goes almost as quickly as it appeared. This guy loved it until the cold started to burn his fingers.

Mittens easily cured any issues Denver had with the snow even if those are in fact sister's hand-me-down Hello Kitty mittens but again, we don't get a lot of snow here and buying baby mittens never crossed my mind.

After I lost feeling from the knees down (apparently my children are part Eskimo as they did not appear to be affected by the frigid temps AT ALL) we headed inside for lunch and then while Denver napped Annie play-doh-ed.

Philip left OKC early and worked from home that afternoon/evening which allowed Denver to do a little auditing of his own when he woke up...

And then we headed back outside and romped around because the snow was not long for this earth.

I'd generally take a beach any day over a snow-capped mountain.  However, as we close in on the homestretch of winter 2015, I am so thankful for a random weekday of playing in the cold and warm snuggles with my two favorite little people.

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