Dancing with Daddy

This precious event is something Annie started looking forward to as soon as she heard about it because in her words it is "Jazzy!" and she enjoyed it so much last Valentine's.

I let her choose her dress this year and quickly learned while she was shopping online that filters are very necessary for little girls with fancy taste as her first choice was a $250 Nicole Miller design. She was equally pleased with her second pick though and I didn't have to sell a kidney to purchase it so we went with it.

They got to the dance and lo and behold her little pal Taylor was there.

I asked her if she danced with Taylor and she said, "a little, but I was there to dance with Daddy." She then proceeded to show me some of her dance moves that were a combo of gymnastics, polka, cheerleading and of course freestyle.  Let me just say that after three years of ballet while the technique may not be there the confidence certainly is. 

These two have something special.

Annie loves her mama but adores her dad.  He can do no wrong in her eyes and she loves any special time they get together.

That being said it's hard to tell who's more proud of the other.

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