Denver's first trim

The sweet baby curls had gotten a little wild and crazy so he was due.

Being a victim of birth order and the second child his first haircut was a home job. Annie's of course was done in a salon by mine and Philip's hairdresser and was a momentous occasion, but as you can see she wasn't nearly as impressed.

I always thought it was neat when I was growing up and the little guys I was in school with got their hair cut by their moms so I thought it'd be kinda fun for it to be done this way.  Philip wasn't so sure about that but it was just a baby trim so we went with it.

Now I should clarify, while the idea of a mom doing a home haircut was always sweet, I was by no means going to make my first attempt on my one and only son's first chop job.  Enter lovely friend and babysitter Sara who did a great job.  Hats off to her for also having cooking utensils available to keep him occupied to limit (although not completely cease) the constant motion he is always in while she made him quite dapper.

The results:

This was the only picture I could get because as previously stated CONSTANT MOTION but clearly Oh-So-Handsome.

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