We had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  At pre-school Annie had talked about all things Thanksgiving including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade so we started the day out by watching all manner of large cartoon balloons being marched through Herald Square.

We then packed up the car & headed to Yukon to have Thanksgiving with family.  We ate yummy food & had great conversation with relatives.  As the afternoon went on Annie played with her cousins, Denver charmed everyone with his cuteness, Philip played some high definition NFL video game (that more once fooled me into thinking it was a real game) with his brother, & I scanned all the Black Friday ads with the other ladies there.

That night we headed out to Sayre to visit my parents.  After I had the kids in their jamas I realized I hadn't taken a single picture of them so I quickly snapped this one to document Denver's first Thanksgiving.

We got up Saturday & met Jenny & Brynn to hit one Black Friday sale in Elk City.  Then out of nap necessity we all headed back to Mom & Dad's. After everyone was all rested up & Dad & Philip had gathered & fed all the calves we went back to Elk City.  There we ate dinner & drove through the Christmas lights at the park for the kids.

The next morning we headed home, first stopping in Yukon & visiting at Jana & Steve's.  While there went to see the movie Frozen which surprisingly Annie watched the majority of (usually after about 30 minutes she's done) & enjoyed.  Before leaving town we drove through the light display in the Yukon park.

Overall it was a great holiday with a lot of family, food, & fun - the good things in life .

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