Annie is 4

Annie turned 4 on November 7th.  This seems so hard to believe.  Especially since Denver was born because they are so similar it seems like we were just going through/doing these same things with her & that she was a newborn.

She is sweet, affectionate, concerned, intuitive, sensitive, & bright.  She is usually outgoing; can be shy at times but is most generally talkative & engaging to people of all ages.  

In the last couple of months she seems to have matured a great deal & Philip & I are constantly laughing or looking at each other wondering where she came up with or how she remembered or knows what she just said.  She can be sassy and ornery but those moments are brief & keep us on our toes.

She often asks where she was when she sees pictures of us before she was born & after I answer "you were a glimmer in our eye" I am thankful that she is here now because life & our hearts are so full with her.  

To celebrate she had seven of her little girlfriends from school who she has been in the same class with for the past 2-3 years to a tea party.  Since purple is her favorite color it dominated the theme.

On Sofia the First (a princess show she watches) they had a tea party with pink bear cookies so that is what she requested instead of cake.

There was fairy dress-up for those that wanted to and or you could wear your regular clothes (Annie got boots from Nana & Papa for her birthday so she changed out of her dress-up clothes back into her regular clothes to wear her these).  

The dance party and bubbles were definitely a crowd pleaser

The coloring, crafts & conversation also added to the fun.


The cake & gifts just topped off a lovely party.

On her actual birthday she had her best friend Sadie come over after school to play.

We then celebrated with her favorite dinner of "egg soup." For her birthday cake she had requested chocolate & pudding (not chocolate pudding) so an individual Boston cream cake is what she enjoyed.

Happy 4th sweet girl - here's to many more!

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