Snow day

So for some reason the earth has turned on its heels & we get freezing cold temperatures & a snow storm before Christmas every year (at least we have for the last 4 years).  This occurred last week. We ended up with 4+ inches of snow which meant - no school for Annie!

Snow days around Christmas are more fun in my personal opinion.  It adds to the magic of the holidays & amps your spirit up by many decibels.  Another bonus is there are quite a few indoor activities you can do.

Here's how we spent it:

Assisting Philip while he worked from home.

Denver clearly did not think Annie's numbers were on target in this picture.  

(For posterity's sake I should note I am of the opinion that Philip's new glasses look like they came from 1960 & I have all manner of jokes & comments about world events that occurred in the 1960's that I ask him to tell me about his personal experience with when he wears them - yes I'm that clever & funny.)

We put together our gingerbread house which I kept having to remind Annie (& still am to this day) that it will taste like a cardboard box if actually eaten, which is only slightly deterring her interest in injesting it.

Completed project - she is eating a leftover gum ball in this picture to treat herself for her good work.

The next activity we did was layer up in clothes & put on boots to go outside.  Annie was anxious to build a snowman & "snow fight."  

She quickly realized that snowball fights were not something she enjoyed as I pelted her with about 5 snowballs (in all honesty I had no desire to snowball fight so this was an effective method for cease fire).  

Our snowwoman was small but had character.  

After that we gathered up some snow & Annie enjoyed some snow ice cream with sprinkles.

We then were inside the rest of the day until we went out for dinner that night.  That is unfortunately a problem I have.  A snow day & being stuck in the house is a novel idea to me until about 4:30 in the afternoon & then I start to understand why Jack Nicholson's character went so crazy on The Shining.  I need fresh air & to make sure the rest of the world is still out there.  

It was fun though - we slept in (as much as you can with a 4 year-old & 6 week old child), ate Christmas snack-y food, watched some Christmas shows & played around all day.

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