Christmas 2013

Christmas was a lovely time for all of us this year.  Annie was really into giving & receiving gifts (she had a tendency to hand everyone their gift & tell them what it was as she gave it to them) & she was excited by all the fun events & activities that go along with Christmas.  This was Denver's first Christmas & he seemed to enjoy himself by cooing to & wooing everyone around him.

There were two classic Christmas activities Annie was not impressed with. These were viewing Christmas lights & sitting on Santa's lap. We went to multiple light displays throughout the season she was kinda ho-hum about it all.  Whereas last year she really liked seeing them.  
We didn't even try the Santa picture this year as it has ended up the last two years being a ridiculous picture of me smiling holding her on his lap while she looks horrified or ready to cry.  

See? I told you.

The Santa thing I can get over, the Christmas lights we will continue to work on because I love to go see lights & as she showed me this 4th of July there is hope she'll come around (she use to be terribly scared of fireworks & that has waned some now).

Our family Christmas gatherings started on Christmas Eve with the Kouba family. While I did take more pictures than are posted here they are on the camera which means they need to be uploaded onto the computer & then put on here. 

Right now that is more complicated than simply blogging from my phone & using the pictures I have on here so maybe some day those will be added.  Or maybe (more than likely) they'll end up in the Norwood family photo archives on the computer like hundreds of others.  Oh well, here are a couple of shots.

These two are rather handsome if I do say so myself (how's that for horrible English - where do we get these classic phrases?).

Annie was a good sport to take a picture with us because she really wanted to start opening the massive stack of presents & was having a great time running around playing with her cousins.

After we enjoyed time with family we came home & while everyone was nestled all snug in their beds Santa slipped in and left gifts for a good little boy & girl.

Annie had been wanting a pink Jeep & Santa apparently thought that was what she needed.  

Her initial test drive was a bit jarring & she  had a slight accident right away so as I type this a week later we're still trying to warm back up to the idea of actually driving the Jeep again....

After our Santa & family Christmas we headed to Woodward to have Goodman Christmas.
Here Annie received the gift of an eye shadow pallet - so her cousins & her spent the afternoon making themselves & Nana look "beautiful" in their eyes but a bit zombie like to the rest of us.  I have some pictures of this event but again, they are on the camera not my phone.  Never fear though - a fantastic gift I received from my thoughtful husband was iPhone camera lenses so the pictures on this blog might just be headed into a new dimension of artful clarity.  Or not.  I guess we'll see in months to come.

After the festivities in Woodward we headed to Sayre to stay at Nana & Papa's for a couple of nights.  Annie enjoyed playing with Wyatt & Willow & then Jenny came down & added Brynn to the mix of cousins to have fun with.  

All together there was laughter, lots of fun, all sorts of new gifts & toys to figure out, Christmas yummies, & most importantly time spent with loved ones.

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