Winter 2016

Winter 2016...our status was tax season for Philip, I was pregnant and working full time, and the kids were active and healthy so basically winter just got away from us in one big blur.  

Therefore regarding this post the attention to detail will once again be left to the pictures because, well, 5-6 months later is where we are now... but you can rest assured we had some good times...

Hair cut for Denver ....
as long as he has a sucker he does fine....

End result - pure cuteness

We visited Sayre...it was a little chilly but the kids still got to "help" some

There was a shoot out while we were there too...

February also brings Dancing with Daddy which is really a highlight moment each year for Annie

Valentine's involved treats for everyone

We then headed into March

where we had some fun evenings on our patio because it was such a mild winter...

The kids and I took at day during spring break and went to the science museum

And before we knew it we had turned around and winter was saying farewell and spring was March-ing in.


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