End of school, life before Lily

Annie wrapped up Kindergarten this year.  She did well & mastered all the tasks she was suppose to & most importantly she had a great year.

I went with her to her end of year zoo field trip - it was fun & a good way to spend some time together before Lily came.
We walked around with her little pal Taylor & they laughed & posed a lot.
The amount of walking at 8 1/2 months pregnant when it's hot was a little tiring but she was sweet & took breaks with me.
This guy missed the trip but we didn't come home empty handed
The end of school brought with it warm weather & the fun associated with being outside more
We had a visit to Sayre where Denver worked on his driving skills
Annie had her end of year recital.  She did tap this year & she was awesome.
Then there was the last day of school that was so welcome but also brought that feeling of where did the time go with it.
Philip's birthday was celebrated during the time too with an ice cream cake the kids picked out
Denver is a big fan of cake 
May was full of activities & flew by pretty quickly like it always does. It didn't matter though, we were ready for summer & the break from so much structure & routine that we were overjoyed when June came calling.

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