December fun

Since it is 6 months later & I am just getting to posting this there will be little detail - I'll just let the pictures do the talking but I think they will show we enjoyed our winter & holiday season...

Lighting up campus

Denver obviously was not a fan of OSU Santa

Ice skating - contrary to what the teenager behind the counter said if you can walk you can't necessarily ice skate....

Annie did well this year

Polar Express

Then the big day....

It was a fun Christmas with family & friends & the kids were great ages.

New Year's Eve we ate sushi & were in bed as the new year came in.  

2015 was a wild year, we bought a house, Philip changed jobs, and we found out God had bigger plans than we had for ourselves as we learned we'd be adding to our family.  It was stressful & exciting but a great year overall.

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