Easter action

Easter weekend found us headed to Sayre for alumni weekend & all the fun that goes with that.  We pulled in to the 3g Ranch around 8:30 that night & both kids were able to get a long nap en route so they were ready to play (& stay up late) with Wyatt & Willow.

It is so funny how excited they all get to see each other - they literally squeal with joy.  Brynn arrived about an hour later & only added to the fun.  Needless to say that was a loud late night...

Saturday had us up early to go to the Rotary pancake breakfast since Nana is a Rotarian & we like to support our Nana (like that really happened though - she bought the meal).  We then headed downtown for the next activity but first we had to pose for pictures (mainly because we had an hour to blow).  

Finally the annual alumni parade that is everything a small town parade should be began (and yes that is indeed THE courthouse featured in the famous movie The Grapes of Wrath)...

and the pursuit of candy ensued.  Let me just say it was like Halloween Part 2.  I'm still slowly throwing it away two weeks later.

The highlight for me was catching up with old friends & seeing their kids.

We then took the littles home to hunt eggs.  Annie was in good practice from her school egg hunts earlier in the week.  

But here we had lots of ground to cover (& thanks to Aunt Cassey awesomely stuffed eggs). 

This guy just enjoyed the fruits of his sister's egg-finding labor

That evening we went out to dinner & because there is a new hotel in Elk City with a splash pad the grandparents got a room so the kids could play in the water. 

Let me just take a moment to acknowledge the extent the grandparents go to make fun memories & put smiles on their grandkids faces.  It's no wonder Annie is always asking us to move in with Nana.

After a night of sleep we awoke to find the Easter Bunny had come by & left baskets full of goodies...

This guy really liked checking out his Easter basket. (The fact that a large creepy bunny snuck into the house to stuff it didn't seem to phase him.)


We then got dressed in our Easter finery & took pictures for posterity's sake (& possibly to embarrass the kids at a later date) before heading off to church. 

After church we did another egg hunt.  This one was a real treat because Aunt Cassey was kind enough to bring some of the greatness that is confetti eggs & share them with us.  

Denver really became good buddies with Aunt Cassey over the weekend.

At this point we all loaded up & headed back home much to the dismay of the kiddos.  

However, Annie wasn't upset long because we left in time to catch the end of Philip's family Easter where she got to spend a little time with her cousins & go across monkey bars which is about her favorite thing to do.  
Unfortunately my phone was down to nearly zero battery so I have no pictures of that portion of our weekend. (And as mentioned before getting pics off our Cannon camera & uploaded on here just isn't going to happen in this season of my life.)

It was a perfect weekend packed with family, fun, & the reminder of the wonderful blessings we share & hope we have because Christ arose.

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