Week of the Young Child

Annie's pre-school celebrates The Week of the Young Child like my high school did spirit week before homecoming where everyone wears random get-ups all week.  These were Annie's:

Monday - Crazy Clothes Day (a cape was all I could come up with - I'm not very fashion forward)

Tuesday - Wear Your Favorite Color - purple, of course. (Annie wanted Denver in the picture because she was so impressed with his overalls "they are sooooo cute - take his picture too!")

Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day (note to self: hair chalk is EXTREMELY hard to get out of very blond hair.)

Thursday - Dress Myself Day (Annie was dying to wear the cape again - she had asked to every day since Monday so guess what she put on??? She added the mask for effect.)

Friday - Crazy Hat Day - we've used this hat on multiple occasions and it's begining to get stretched to the limit but she still loves it and look how sweet she is in it. 

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